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Special relationship my buttock! Why I love the French The telephone Service with a smile? Don't think so! 15th March: D*mn*d Microsoft s*dd*ng bl**dy software .... 27th March: Why can't they leave the poor sod alone? 2nd March: The stupid people are coming! Act now before it's too late! 5th September: ... a man-made disaster, or simply a cock-up? 23rd July: A heartfelt plea from Paul Wisse ... 18th July: ... now this is a really cool idea ... 3rd July: Well, no, not really ... 21st October: ... The older you get, the more pissed-off you get ... 27th September: ... Agadoo, doo, doo, throw your baby down the loo ... 26th September: ... never mind the guilty, let's get the innocent ... 21st September: ... once in a while you can feel proud to be British ... 11th September: ... a once-great public service ... 3rd November: ... What's this? Common-sense from America?? 5th November: ... I suppose some lame-brain thinks they're funny ... 2nd July: Rooney's red card: the Grumpy Verdict 11th June: Girls with no clothes on? The very fabric of society under threat ... 8th May: The stuff you send us ... 1st June: More stuff you send us ... 18th January: ... so who's being ripped-off at the seaside, then? 15th January: ... a day to celebrate our nation? We don't think so ... 25th February: ... Australia, be afraid. Be very afraid ... 16th February: ... we have a right to respect, however stupid we are ... 8th April: Oh no, the bad nasty terrorists are coming to get us ... 25th April: So men die sooner than women. That's a cause for celebration? 8th April: The GOS's nuggets. What did you THINK we meant? 22nd June: Not very grumpy, but funny all the same ... 4th August: I think I've just lost the will to live. 10th August: Ho hum, what shall we do today? ... 22nd August: More stuff you send us ... 22nd September: Shit happens. Why can't we admit it? 19th September: Multi-tasking? Don't make me laugh ... 7th November: Now it's politically incorrect to belong to a political party! 3rd November: It was all different in my day ... 20th October: Yes, the nation really IS in a state ... Frod Motor Company. If they can't spell, what else can't they do? 29th November: Good grief, an accolade from The GOS? 13th November: The things that make Great Britain grate ... 27th February 07: Is this the real cause of that train crash? 19th February 07: The mess we're in ... 16th February 07: Not quite a doctor, then, despite the white coat? 8th February 07: We wish ... 7th February 07: Wankers, wankers everywhere, and no-one stops to think ... 6th February 07: The BBC discriminates against old people. 24th January 07: For God's sake, how did we get in this mess? 20th December: If we didn't know what to think before, we bloody-well should now ... 18th December: Two very special festive Wankers ... 18th December: Don't KILL prostitutes. Just lock them up ... 18th December: A seasonal song brought up to date ... 2nd April 07: Elfin Safety - the lies they tell to save us from ourselves. 1st April 07: For God's sake, how did we get in this mess? 28th March 07: The Union Jack: an official announcement 28th March 07: So we think we live in a free country? 20th March 07: Islam from the horse's mouth ... 17th March 07: Loads of stuff we didn't think we knew ... 16th March 07: So we think we live in a free country? 9th May 07: How to stop your baby crying ... 14th June 07: a few recent news items ... 10th May 07: Just look at the state of this ... er, nation! 4th May 07: Confucius, he say ... 13th July 07: Ah, so THAT'S it! Now I know why I don't find 23rd July 07: The wonders of nature ... 26th September 07: The GOS is 65 today. 25th September 07: Wales - nothing more than a clever hoax. 9th September 07: The BBC - biased, patronising and bloody expensive. Not very funny, either. 24th October 07: Advice about class from an American? How novel ... 21st October 07: Sudden notoriety coincides with new book? That's convenient ... 1st October 07: The deeply unattractive underbelly of the internet. And no, it's not pornography, it's worse ... 15th October 07: Here's another nice mess you've got me into ... 15th October 07: TV licences: what are we paying for, and do we want to pay for it? 10th October 07: And we think WE'VE got transport problems? 22nd November 07: Things we could do thirty years ago ... 9th November 07: Not enough pictures on Grumpy Old Sod ... 6th January 08: Flashman author dies, pissed-off to the end ... 4th January 08: Not the kind of question you usually expect in an exam? 12th December 07: A Merry Christmas to All Our Readers! 11th December 07: Man's best friend - a simple proposal ... 1st December 07: An excellent new website ... 6th March 08: It makes you proud, doesn't it, in a twisted kind of way? 28th February 08: Ten myths about nuclear power ... 30th January 08: Our hero has feet of clay after all. How sad. 14th April 08: ... and what a state it's in! 23rd March 08: The great John Ray gets it wrong for once ... 21st March 08: our caption competition ... 19th March 08: A new slant on the oldest profession ... 19th March 08: our caption competition ... 18th March 08: An open letter to the Home Secretary 17th March 08: A few stories for St.Patrick's Day 13th September 08: Not quite the Daily Mail's finest hour... 6th September 08: Are we having fun yet? How the hell should I know? 12th August 08: Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay, the BBC gets something right for a change... 17th April 08: Things we'd love to see ... 3rd August 08: Why must the BBC cheapen everything it touches? 27th July 08: Words of wisdom from an anonymous pundit ... 13th June 08: A man of principle or a disgruntled loser? Who cares? 10th June 08: The Daily Mail on how to be a man ... 4th June 08: Common-sense from Yorkshire, and complete nonsense from academics 29th November 08: Always helpful, those nice people at Microsoft ... 25th November 08: Ukrainian people wiping up dribble ... 3rd November 08: Common sense? Not in Wales, boyo ... 16th October 08: An extra Wanker of the Week ... 12th October 08: Is A.A.Gill the Grumpiest Old Sod of all? 17th September 08: Just when you thought it was safe to go to the toilet ...

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