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Our new campaign 2nd February: Big Brother really is watching you 10th February: The nanny state 29th March: Lady teacher runs amok while hundreds cower .... 18th February: The 2012 London Olympics. In your dreams! 22nd March: The thought-police are after us again ... 18th February: Hunting 1st February: Identity cards 29th June: We need to fight them on the beaches again ... 21st June: ... what do they mean, education? 6th June: ... television for grown-ups? 17th May: ... please can I have my ball back? 14th May: ... are teachers their own worst enemy? 4th May: the health police are out to get you. And we're not joking ... 25th February: Freedom & democracy? 13th August: ... people injuring themselves? How inconsiderate! 17th July: an important announcement 13th September: ... can we actually afford the government? 24th November: Why do some doctors think they're God? 21st November: Stroud, Gloucestershire - stupid capital of the world ... 13th November: ... sorry, that should be BIG Brother ... 5th November: ... I suppose some lame-brain thinks they're funny ... 2nd November: ... I've got an affliction. Why isn't anyone doing anything to help? 23rd June: A great new game for everyone! Well, not everyone, exactly. Everyone except us ... 11th June: Our Human Right to a take-away ... 28th May: The New Deal for Jobseekers sounds like a hoary old chestnut to us ... 26th May: The sinister side of Postman Pat? 20th April: Yes, it's the NHS again. No surprise there, then ... 25th February: ... you can't criticise me, I'm just doing my job ... 26th January: ... you can't be too careful when the safety of our kiddies is at stake ... 20th January: ... nice to know our immigration officers are on the ball ... 9th July: The Americans are coming, we're doomed, all doomed ... 6th July: All property is theft. Are New Labour sliding slightly to the Left? 2nd October: Why should someone who can tie his own shoelaces be treated like a baby? 30th September: They're coming into your lounge - but it's for your own good ... 27th September: Every once in a while something does go right ... 22nd September: Shit happens. Why can't we admit it? 29th July: Sure, giving up the fags is great. But will it help? 28th February: Why don't we just wear a yellow star on our backs and have done with it? 9th January: ... what people are REALLY looking for ... 7th November: They're coming to get you ... 7th November: It's enough to make you want to top yourself ... 20th October: Yes, women can be criminals too ... 18th October: Discipline is now a dirty word - official Who's running our schools these days? Teachers or the police? Our privacy is leaking away, and we just standing by scratching ... You REALLY need to read this book ... 22nd November: Brigadier runs amok at station. Very few people killed. 21st November: Who is it we should be scared of, exactly? 19th November: Funny sort of row, isn't it, when both sides agree? 6th November: Here's looking at you, kid. And you, and you ... 5th March 07: Bottle-feeding kids in school? Makes a change from spoon-feeding ... 1st March 07: Close your doors against the town hall mafia ... 23rd February 07: Chris Eubank - not such a plonker after all. 23rd February 07: Carole Malone, serious journalist and expert on how others feel ... 20th February 07: And the NHS wants us to support it in its hour of need? I don't think so ... 16th February 07: EasyJet? PC-Jet? 10th February 07: Four legs good, two legs bad! Four legs good, two legs better! 30th January 07: Someone's to blame for this mess, and we want to know their names ... 24th January 07: Now it's US who are the downtrodden minority ... 21st January 07: Animal cruelty on Queen's estate? 20th January 07: It ain't what you eat that kills you ... 20th January 07: And the BBC's priorities are ... 9th January 07: Even celebrities find this country a bit bloody much, apparently. Why isn't that surprising? 6th January 07: Go on, strike a feeble blow for freedom ... 3rd January 07: So now Marmite and cheese are junk food? Let them eat grass ... 1st January 07: John Prescott fancies earwigs. You heard it here first ... 1st January 07: Another despicable bully nailed by our wonderful plice? 9th April 07: Well, are you a New Brit or an Old Brit? 7th April 07: G***** A******* hates hoodies ... 7th April 07: Nice to have our boys back home. So why don't we feel good about it? 29th March 07: Who will the government decide to persecute next? 25th March 07: Welcome to Britain ... not. 25th March 07: It's not Chelsea FC any more. It's Chelsea PC. 20th March 07: Indoctrinating our children 16th March 07: The future lies with the children. And it stinks. 7th March 07: Don't have any common sense? Never mind, RoSPA'll tell you what to do ... 14th June 07: Solving school discipline problems isn't rocket science ... 13th June 07: How Physics in schools is being used for PC propaganda ... 11th June 07: Another great tradition is banned in case it offends ... 2nd June 07: Good God, a sociologist who talks sense? Whatever next? 18th May 07: How can anyone find chickens offensive when we eat eggs out of their bums? 18th May 07: Beware the man who is hairy on the inside ... 8th May 07: 'Dunno, Sir! You tell me!' 4th May 07: This is how extremism begins - through the failures of the moderates. 2nd May 07: And God said 'Let there be light!' and there was light. And lo, you could see for bloody miles. 1st May 07: Now Trading Standards Officers are trying to regulate the English language ... 29th April 07: Now the government are turning our kids against us ... 23rd April 07: I say, good (reality TV) show, Biggles! 23rd April 07: There are 266 laws that allow officials to invade your home ... 14th April 07: Do Little Miss Perfect and The School from Hell deserve each other? 14th April 07: As usual, the government knows best ... 9th April 07: And we wonder why our young people are a bunch of wimps? 2nd July 07: At last, an explanation for these terrorists. They're mad. 2nd July 07: Our kids are in trouble, and it's all our fault ... 10th July 07: It's official - our teachers are crap. Why are we not surprised? 27th July 07: We practically OWN the bloody hospital by now ... 10th August 07: Always nice to have your prejudices confirmed ... 10th August 07: The rats that leave a sinking ship know something the crew don't ... 4th September 07: A new take on an old fable ... 21st August 07: How the élite are patronising us into submission ... 18th August 07: Well, that's £400,000 well spent and no mistake ... 18th August 07: Now we've ALL got to observe Ramadan ... 30th October 07: They're old, they're useless, what do they need to eat for? 21st October 07: We all think the same, so why haven't we done anything about it? 8th October 07: Political correctness gone mad (I can't believe I just said that) ... 7th October 07: Three little tales of modern life ... 13th November 07: We told you so ... 13th November 07: We told you so ... 11th November 07: We're still not building enough houses? 11th November 07: Now sunbathing's good for you ... 9th November 07: Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Britain. You'd think we'd have learned by now ... 30th October 07: We're nurturing a race of wimps. Except the hoodies, of course ... 5th January 08: Whatever happens, it ain't our fault, right? 3rd January 08: Sir Bernard Ingham, the grumpy old sod ... 2nd January 08: The GOS knows how to solve Africa ... 28th December 07: ManU didn't invite The GOS to their bloody party ... 19th December 07: Merry Christmas, suckers! 1st December 07: Now it's racist to be English. We all knew it would happen sooner or later ... 29th November 07: Being a victim doesn't give you the right to think irrationally ... 9th March 08: Is this the saddest bit of stupidity you ever heard?  We think it is. 10th February 08: The Archmullah of Canterburystan - what a plonker! 8th February 08: How our schools have 'developed' in the last 50 years ... 7th February 08: English culture under threat. And what do we do about it? 6th February 08: Are our children being educated by ignorant bigots? 31st January 08: Homosexuality on the school curriculum 31st January 08: Paying Porky? 27th January 08: NHS - organised for whose convenience, exactly? 22nd January 08: The Americans' war against pornography. Why bother? 19th January 08: Good schools are more popular. How unfair. 16th January 08: Little old lady humiliated. Not. 16th January 08: Now, a government quango for conkers ... 12th January 08: dramatic cliff-rescue: hero forced to quit ... 12th January 08: conspiracy-theories'R'us ... 10th January 08: ... and yet another amnesty for illegal immigrants. 28th May 08: R.I.P. our late lamented friend ... 8th May 08: the Irish trying hard to live up to their stereotype? 8th May 08: If we could lick our own bottoms, perhaps we'd see life differently ... 15th April 08: Are we becoming a nation of hysterics? Well, yes, actually ... 14th April 08: British society seen from the Antipodes ... 17th March 08: State schools charging fees, now? 16th March 08: I've got a bad back myself. Where do I apply for the two hundred grand? 12th March 08: Immigrants are more determined and more intelligent than we are. Simple as that. 11th March 08: George Moonbat talking sense for once ... 18th August 08: We may be doing well in Beijing, but at home it's a different story ... 20th June 08: Why the NHS is sh*t ... 2nd June 08: envy and spite in the NHS 3rd December 08: If only all the people in the world could get on, said Mr.Tufty ruefully ... 25th November 08: Ooh look, a child! Quick, where's the cotton-wool? 9th November 08: That lorry-driver joke on Top Gear ... 8th November 08: A parable for our times, from master-blogger Leg-Iron ... 16th September 08: A nation's prurient fascination with child sex ... 16th September 08: At last a proper debate on immigration seems possible. Not before time ...

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