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2nd February: A small thought about global warming 1st April: No, this isn't an April Fool page. Would we do that to you? ... 1st July: Look, this is important, right? 10th January: ... a great service from our great local public servants ... 28th September: You heard it here first - aliens have landed 27th September: Where's bloody Noah when you need him? 28th August: I spy, with my little eye ... 19th August: Would you believe it, ANOTHER Millennium Dome? 6th August: The GOS has had a good idea. That'll never catch on, of course ... 3rd August: Everything's just so ... so ... amazing! 11th March: Keep Britain tidy - and under the thumb ... 24th October: Suffolk's own chocolate teapot ... 30th November: The Hot Air Debate is ... erm ... hotting up? 11th November: Now it's official. They're lying to us about global warming. 5th November: Even more hot air ... 3rd November: It's all the hot air, you know ... 5th March 07: The fair town of Gloucester, home of the enviro-Nazis. 24th February 07: Global Warmers will kill Africa quicker than Global Warming does ... 15th January 07: We're all going to die. Again. 5th January 07: Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag ... 12th December: The Stern Report - best binned and forgotten? 11th December: Apparently the world has ended, and we never noticed. 4th April 07: Now the government is telling farmers how far to sling their mud! 2nd April 07: More Global Warming lies de-bunked. 1st April 07: At last some sense about Global Warming - wait a minute! What's the date? 31st March 07: Global Warming - is the tide beginning to turn? 29th March 07: Those bloody light-bulbs: yet another daft decision from Brussels. 20th March 07: Global warming - is the tide beginning to turn? 18th March 07: More rubbish from the Hot Air Brigade 18th March 07: The spy in your rubbish bin ... 18th March 07: At last, a solution to Global Warming ... 9th March 07: Hooray for Channel 4 (for once)! 8th March 07: A grumpy old bugger from Buckingham ... 6th March 07: An extremely convenient lie? 12th June 07: How we share our shit with the rest of Europe ... 12th June 07: At last some people are speaking out against the lies ... 2nd June 07: Trust me, I'm a scientist. 20th May 07: More macho posturing by petty council officials ... 18th May 07: Trust me, I'm a scientist, and you're just an ignorant oik 29th April 07: Global Warming spreads to Mars 10th April 07: The case for man-made global warming is beginning to crumble ... 9th April 07: Facts, not emotion, should govern discussion of climate change 6th July 07: The Gulf Stream - who needs it? 7th July 07: Live Earth: is this what we pay our TV licence for? 14th July 07: Cows are coming to get us. We're all doomed ... 16th July 07: What councils are spending our money on ... 25th July 07: If this is a disaster, I'm a tomato ... 29th July 07: No wonder we're obsessed by the weather ... 1st August 07: Environmentalists scratching each others' eyes out ... 6th August 07: The rubbish these so-called 'experts' talk ...8th August 07: Is the case for Global Warming beginning to fall apart? 14th August 07: Be afraid. Be very afraid. Dustbins are just the start ... 13th August 07: Don't worry about flooding. It's sorted. 30th September 07: First free speech, then free thought ... 22nd September 07: At last, a HERO of the Week! 16th October 07: Another council not doing its job, and blaming the public ... 16th October 07: Green campaigners are callous murderers ... 11th October 07: A (modified) victory for common sense ... 21st November 07: What happened to intelligent, unbiased reporting? 14th November 07: This is new: if you don't agree with each other, that makes you wrong! 4th November 07: The Global Warming argument continues to crumble ... 4th January 08: Why everyone should hate Al Bloody Gore ... 4th January 08: The sky is not falling, all right? 14th December 07: Well, THEY keep banging on about it so why shouldn't WE? 13th December 07: Another scientist breaks ranks on global warming ... 1st December 07: What INTELLIGENT people are saying about Global Warming hysteria ... 23rd November 07: Common sense on Global Warming ... 4th March 08: STOP PRESS!! British politician solves climate change! 21st February 08: Keep the faith, brother, never mind the evidence, keep the faith! 12th February 08: Windfarms. Save the planet, reduce the value of your house by 20% 27th January 08: Now more people try to climb on the Global Warming bandwagon ... 26th January 08: STOP PRESS! Globale Warming invented by Margaret Thatcher! 21st May 08: What, no man-made Global Warming after all?  Nonsense, it's just 'Big Oil' telling porkies! 13th April 08: The climate-change tide is turning, and the hysterics don't like it one little bit ... 20th April 08: What a lot of twaddle these elder statesmen talk! What makes them think they've got a right to an opinion? 7th April 08: Sense about Global Warming from a major politician ... 7th April 08: The BBC lies through its teeth ... 19th March 08: Weather expert to sue Al Gore? 11th March 08: So Global Warming has ended - and nobody's taking any notice! 10th March 08: Plastic bags - it's all lies. Quelle surprise! 19th August 08: How the Tories' green agenda backfired ... 7th August 08: How to solve Global Warming and save the NHS in one stroke ... 26th July 08: All right, it's more global warming bollox, so sue me ... 24th July 08: Our vision of a Green future ... 22nd July 08: George Monbiot - just snob, simple as that 14th July 08: How the Labour government helps its friends ... 6th July 08: Now it's official: Global Warming really IS our fault ... 26th June 08: Climate sense from an MP? Now there's a first! 29th May 08: an American view of Gordon Broon's greenie government ... 3rd December 08: All the bollox on one page ... 3rd December 08: All the bollox on one page ... 3rd December 08: All the bollox on one page ... 3rd December 08: All the bollox on one page ... 25th November 08: SOD the bloody environment! 3rd November 08: Instead of reducing CO2, should we be increasing it? 13th October 08: Stone the crows, is GW scepticism becoming respectable? 4th October 08: In case we think our weather's been bad ... 3rd October 08: Never mind the credit crunch, what about my bin? 16th September 08: The global warmings fraudsters are on the back foot, which is why they squeak so loud ... 16th September 08: Americans. Bloody mad, the lot of 'em ...

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