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NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state














10th February: The nanny state 4th March: We're all bullies now ... 26th September: Locking up old ladies? How brave ... 21st November: Stroud, Gloucestershire - stupid capital of the world ... 23rd October: ... democracy? They're having a laugh, aren't they? 29th July: Sure, giving up the fags is great. But will it help? 11th March: Keep Britain tidy - and under the thumb ... 7th November: They're coming to get you ... 7th November: Now it's politically incorrect to belong to a political party! Who's running our schools these days? Teachers or the police? Our privacy is leaking away, and we just standing by scratching ... 6th November: Here's looking at you, kid. And you, and you ... 1st March 07: This is how free societies come to an end - death by a thousand small and reasonable cuts. 19th February 07: It's not much fun being a majority these days ... 17th February 07: On the other hand, PC Plod, there's this little matter ... 1st January 07: Another despicable bully nailed by our wonderful plice? 29th March 07: Who will the government decide to persecute next? 17th June 07: So much for the caffeine rush, then ... 21st June 07: Hearts of oak (provided it comes from renewable sources ...) 6th July 07: The smoking ban - unfair, unnecessary and based on lies. 6th August 07: Sorry, you're English. Get lost. 8th August 07: Why violence might actually be the answer ... 28th August 07: It's OK for Tesco's to lie through their teeth, but heaven help you if you're a small businessman ... 21st August 07: How the British government wages war on its own people ... 14th September 07: I suppose when you're as big as Barclaycard, you can do what you damn well like ... 10th September 07: A 96-year-old writes to her bank manager ... 28th October 07: Now you have to promote homosexuality to be a foster-parent ... 26th October 07: As usual, the rich hold all the cards ... 24th October 07: Middle-class drinking? Now the truth comes out: they don't know what they're talking about so they just made it up ... 20th October 07: Middle-class drinking? Yes, please ... 1st October 07: More rubbish science from politically-motivated experts ... 13th November 07: We told you so ... 5th November 07: Now you DON'T have to promote homosexuality to be a foster-parent ... 31st October 07: Google aiming for world domination ... 30th October 07: So there IS some justice, sometimes ... 17th December 07: Orange Broadband. Watch out, they've got you surrounded ... 16th December 07: Now HERE'S something that'll make those local government Nazis hop! 28th November 07: The PC Nazis have a new way to bully you now ... 24th February 08: Is this the nastiest manifestation of the PC society? 24th February 08: The secret police state is alive and well in England ... 27th January 08: Where did the NSPCC go wrong? Well, here actually ... 21st May 08: Why can't policemen understand English? 21st May 08: Two minorities at each others' throats, instead of ours for a change. Lovely! 20th April 08: Is our snooping government going too far this time? 18th April 08: The RSPCA - not quite as wonderful as they're painted? 17th April 08: The RSPCA - not quite as wonderful as they're painted? 14th April 08: The BBC, still lying through their teeth ... 26th March 08: The Age of the Zealot is upon us ... 18th March 08: Cleaning up history ... 5th September 08: It's official - recycling is a load of bollocks after all ... 14th August 08: Local authorities' godlike status dented by Ombudsperson ... 6th September 08: Common sense from a real person. How refreshing 6th September 08: Come on, admit it, you've always wanted to do this ... 5th September 08: An American view of our surveillance society ... 8th August 08: The police state is less than a year away. We need to act NOW! 26th July 08: So now all television programmes must be balanced? Dream on! 21st July 08: Just once in a while, someone realises the ridiculous mistakes we've made ... 20th July 08: the lunatics are taking over the asylum ... 15th July 08: Small acts of heroism ... 8th July 08: Now our top judge wants to sell out to the mullahs ... 27th June 08: Harriet Harman's finest hour ... 10th June 08: Yet another council refusing to do the job they're paid for ... 6th June 08: The RSPCA - cruel to children, fatal to animals ... 7th July 08: New book describes the lies they tell to scare us ... 28th May 08: 'I vill say zis only vunce ...' 3rd December 08: The British police state takes another giant leap down the throats of its citizens ... 8th November 08: Big Brother looking over our shoulders as we write ... 7th November 08: Are we Latin it all get on top of us? 3rd November 08: You'd think by now the government would have given up on ID cards. But there's nobody as stubborn as a truly weak-minded man ... 10th October 08: A smack a day keeps the hoodies away ... 28th September 08: A hint of things to come from the Labour Party Conference

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